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Vashita Sharma

Yoga Specialist
Vashita Sharma - fertility-advisor
Yoga Specialist
10.0 years of experience
+91 7728089047
Licence no. XXXXXX1234

Vashita Sharma, Co-founder and Partner in Fertility Care, has explored her Yogic side after nine years of IT struggle. She is a certified yoga and meditation teacher from Rishikesh, which is known as the yoga capital of the world. She found how Breathing, Asanas and Meditation can heal you. She firstly healed herself from her years of shoulder pain and PCOD. Motivation is her passion, and she has a lot to say about self-love and how 30 minutes with yourself can do wonders for your life. Simply put, Yoga and Meditation have transformed her life, and she wants to share that with others.